Take good care of your well-being by understanding your brain and body chemistry


Unlocking Your State of Mind


Achieve mental clarity and emotional balance with one wearable sensor
Biomarker quantification and real-time monitoring are just the beginning...

Continuous Monitoring

Our body chemistry and biology are constantly changing and are influenced by our surroundings. A single assessment is not enough to get to know our body well in order to treat it well.

Rapid Results​

Your data will be in the palm of your hands. We want to empower our customer to have full access and ownership of their data with a reliable and secure platform.

Actionable Achievements

Data is powerful. Your data will allow you to track and record your daily readings to make better overall assessment and changes to your life style and nutrient intake to reach the mental clarity and emotional balance you deserve.

With Our Sensor You Are Empowered To Monitor Your Sleep, Stress And Metabolism


By knowing your stress levels and what triggers certain emotions, we can then create a plan to help reduce stressors or learn how to manage them more effectively.


By monitoring your sleep patterns, you can see how much quality sleep you're getting. This kind of valuable information empowers you to take control of your sleep and optimize your sleep experience.


Knowing your basal metabolic rate helps you determine the estimated baseline amount of calories your body requires to function. This works as a starting point to determine how many calories you may want to consume based on your goals.

Shams Al-Azzam

CEO, Co-Founder

Norah Al-Azzam

CSO, Co-Founder

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